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FilmZero is an indie film production team out of Philadelphia. Phil Thomas, one of the hosts of What Are You Afraid Of? Directs and writes with the team. We feature their films here.

With recent quality contributions to horror, such as The Conjuring, Annabelle, You & #39, Next, Lights Out, and Don’t Breathe, it compelled us to do a series of shorts throughout 2017.

The Following Man

A man leaving a bar one night notices a strange figure following him. As he gets closer to home, he realizes it’s not a coincidence and wonders if the pursuer’s intentions are malicious.

The haunting music was composed and recorded by Rick Denzien.


When a young boy fears monsters in his closet, a father investigates with disturbing results.

Thank you to Music:


When a school teacher begins seeing a strange girl appear on his commute home, he suspects it’s just his imagination…until it happens again.


A fun ghost story involving a depressed man, some haunted woods and a chance encounter with the girl of his dreams—but will he be able to close the deal?

We will be posting other short films every few months as long as people are enjoying them. Please check them out.

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